Would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful?
If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.
i hate titles
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I want to be in a relationship but the thought of a relationship also makes me want to throw up and I like not throwing up more than I like being in a relationship so that settles that


Winter | by Vasiliy Atutov.

[EXCLUSIVE] New poster of American Horror Story: Freak Show

Different type of Love by ilovedoodle
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I love this

lil fairy queen’s wings got tired so she took the subway

hope this child knew yall took they pic tho
hope they parents let it be posted tho

Fear not blackqueerbravado. The child in this picture is my niece. She knew I was taking her picture and her mother, my sister, let me post it. The person you reblogged it from or the person they reblogged it from removed the caption I originally put on it, which was:
The Queen as a Fairy Princess, Halloween NYC 2013
photographed by ©Channon Simmons

NEVER remove photo credits and captions.
And, this is a really cute picture. 
"Try not to feel jealous about things, or people or places. It’s toxic. Just keep living. You will find your happiness."
W.J  (via emmalynsullivan)
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